Thessaloniki ByBus

A better experience of transportation

What is Thessaloniki ByBus?

Thessaloniki ByBus is the new android app that offers the urban bus passenger of Thessaloniki a better experience of transportation within the city.

With Thessaloniki ByBus you can have:

  • Real-time community-powered information about the lines
  • A personal profile of your transportations
  • Profile comparison with other users
  • All the bus routes inside your pocket

app is a student project designed and developed during summer 2011 from RAPPEL team members with the support of the ISAG team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, AUTH.

Some Usage Statistics


Development Team

Thessaloniki ByBus is a student project designed during summer 2011 and is being continually enhanced until today.

ISAG team members

  • Dimitris Voukantsis
  • Kostas Karatzas
  • Tasos Basoukos

Rappel Team members

  • Dimos Karamanlis
  • Giannis Stefanis
  • Giannis Tsavlidis
  • Stefanos Mavros


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